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And the dream becomes a reality...

Construction begins!

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After Chad drew the concept sketches (Based on drawings by Jade Fox), and Herbie added his own touch to them, we were ready to start construction... but there was one problem. The fur that I had originally picked out for the tan markings was not available any more, so they had to find something else. Fortunately, the sales person at the fur company owns a Rottweiler, which has the same basic coloring as a Doberman, so she was able to find just the right replacement fur :)

Around May 6th, the fur arrived. It was amazing how soft it was. I literally sat and snuggled the roll of fur for about an hour.

About the same time, Chad started carving the head for my suit.

This is the way the foam came...

After chopping it up and glueing it together

And we start carving! Note the reference lines that have been drawn on the head.

The reference for the front of the face

New Pictures, taken 5/16/03

Here Chad is, carving away at the head...

A Bit more progress. It's looking more three dimensional now.

Some of the fine trimming.

And the head-hole. I hope it's big enough.

Making the hole bigger, so that I actually fit in it.

What a MESS!

And I try it on for the first time!

Wheeeee! It Fits! (and it's looking good!

More New Pictures, taken 5/21/03

Final Carved Head with Eyes!

A Nice 3/4 view of my head.

Close up of one of the eyes, held in by pins.

Close up of the muzzle.

More New Pictures, taken 5/24/03

Some finishing touches.

And a little more off the chin...

Looking Good!

Another Test Fitting...
This Space
Intentionally Left

Hi! I look like a lizard!

Close up of the Eye...
This Space
Intentionally Left

More New Pictures, taken 5/28/03

And it's furred!

A Side View.

And from the back.

Finished Head! New Pictures 5/30/03

Yay! It's Done! w00t!

Yay! It's Done! w00t!

Yay! It's Done! w00t!

Yay! It's Done! w00t!

New Pictures 6/4/03 (Oh, it's so close to being done! I can't WAIT!)

My first pose with the head on...

Aren't I just SO cute?!

A Nice side view

Close up of the ear

Inside the head

The Eyes from Inside

Looking into the muzzle

Close up of the whiskers

Close up of the nose

New Pictures 6/4/03 (PAWS!)

Paws! *grins*

And they fit good too!

Aren't they cool!?

New Pictures 6/9/03

Holy crap it's almost done!

Chad cuts out body parts.
This Space
Intentionally Left

Chad Sews!
(With KP in the background)

Final Test Fitting! (Who Hoo!)

I've got a cute butt, don't I?

It's Dobie Tanpaw!

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